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            The Best 10 Nightlife in Toronto, ON

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            • Sponsored Results

            • Dolphin Gaming

              (416) 759-3066

              1911 Avenue Eglinton E


              “Old people are cool. No joke. They seriously are. Hanging out here made me realize how smart they are... spend a few dollars and you may win $5000! WTF?! Hellz yea! So OF COURSE I'm…” more

            • Cafe Alice

              (905) 604-9040

              8333 Kennedy Road


              “You won't know about this place unless someone had told you about it. There is no obvious sign (a sign that would catch your attention) around the area. A friend recommended this…” more

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            • All Results

            • Bovine Sex Club

              (416) 504-4239

              542 Queen Street W

              Alexandra Park

              “Just a great, personable venue to see all kinds of punk, rock and alt-country完美彩票计划聊天室 type music. Narrow venue and small stage make for a 完美彩票计划聊天室y atmosphere. A rooftop…” more

            • Club120

              (416) 706-4237

              120 Church Street

              Downtown Core

              “I just feel like this place is great place to meet good people that don't judge you!!! Check it out its a great place.” more

            • The Drake Underground

              (416) 531-5042

              Located in The Drake Hotel

              Beaconsfield Village

              “, rich kids and waspy uptowners in the Lounge and party kids in the Underground. Pick your floor, seal your fate. All in all, this is like a meat and potatoes meal as far as decent…” more

            • DY Bar

              (647) 285-9825

              2901 Kennedy Road


              • Opened 3 months ago

              “YOU GO THROUGH A REFRIGERATOR DOOR TO GET IN!! Honestly just because of the refrigerator door, this place instantly gets 4 stars. And then it gets another…” more

            • Coda

              (416) 536-0346

              794 Bathurst Street

              Seaton Village

              “The customer service and how nice the people that go to Coda continues to blow my mind every time. Every club should strive to have this type of service. 1)…” more

            • Tilt Arcade Bar

              (416) 551-8458

              824 Dundas Street West

              Little Italy

              “, and the draft beers were all great. I definitely would come back anytime I'm in town and hopefully will be able to squeeze in another visit before we leave. Overall, great…” more

            • The Shameful Tiki Room

              1378 Queen W


              “I have been to this place for the first time last week, and was so impressed by the way it looked inside. I was wondering why didn't I find this jewel of a…” more

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            • Diamonds Cabaret

              (905) 270-9985

              1820 Dundas Street E

              “First time visiting, I'll great straight to the point with this review: It's a mixed bag when it comes to the dancers Some are hot and some not so much.” more

            • One Loft

              292 College完美彩票计划聊天室 St

              “Cool spot, high energy but laid back vibe, always bringing in top house and techno bookings. Good layout; all open concept with lots of places to sit. The…” more

            • Stirling Room

              (416) 364-3900

              16 Trinity Street

              Distillery District

              “I had a surprise party for my brother here just this past long weekend and wanted to write a review to get the word out there on this place. I had actually…” more

            • Thompson Rooftop

              (416) 640-7778

              550 Wellington Street W

              “ is a ways from all the other nightlife it's definitely worth the drive because when you get to the top it allows you to see the entire city. The outdoor area…” more

            • The Boat

              (416) 593-9218

              158 Augusta Avenue

              Kensington Market

              “When it comes to nightlife in Kensington Market, I think of two places immediately: Supermarket and The Boat. The Boat is an inexpensive, spacious, and…” more

            • Pretty Ugly

              1237 Queen Street W


              “Great cocktail bar with a modest snack menu. Came here with a bunch of friends and it was a blast. The vibes were pretty chill, not too dark and music was…” more

            • Handlebar

              (647) 748-7433

              159 Augusta Avenue

              Kensington Market

              “ to a disheveled strip of Kensington Market. There is good synergy between Round across the street and sometimes even the Boat, to provide some danceable…” more

            • Hotbox

              (647) 308-7845

              204 Augusta Avenue

              Kensington Market

              “heaven.. HEAVEN!!! if it's too expensive to fly to amsterdam, and you want to keep it on the eastern end of the map, then get your happy, herbal loving self to…” more

            • Echo Karaoke & Lounge

              (647) 460-1650

              693 Bloor St W


              “Great price. Clean rooms. Great 完美彩票计划聊天室. The price of alcohol isn't too expensive as well. I recommend here over other places in the area. Let your voice…” more

            • The Basement

              (416) 362-6060

              178 Bathurst Street


              “I had heard about The Basement Nightclub for many months, so I just had to check it out finally. Friday night I swung by the club to dance to good music and to…” more

            • Underground Garage

              (416) 688-8787

              365 King Street W

              Entertainment District

              “This is legit my favourite place in toronto. I go probably twice a month and i've never had a bad time. Music is top 40 and rap with a lot of throw backs (what…” more

            • Cabana Pool Bar

              (416) 479-7645

              11 Polson Street

              “This spot is a lot of fun! I went for a special event on a Saturday afternoon and had a great time! Drinks (3/5)- Regular drinks, it's what you expect. Very…” more

            • Mom’s Basement

              1430 Danforth Avenue

              The Danforth

              “It's just like hanging out in your mom's basement, for realz! They have a sweet couch section located at the front where you really get that basement feel.…” more

            • CC Lounge & Whisky Bar

              (416) 362-4777

              45 Front Street E

              St. Lawrence

              “I came here close to midnight on a Saturday with a bachelorette party. We had a blast! Great music if you enjoy a range of genres. Crowd was diverse in…” more

            • Cake Bar & Nightclub

              (416) 599-2253

              214 Adelaide Street W

              Entertainment District

              “I hosted a birthday party during one of their Halloween parties. The booth was $125 including tax and tip for one bottle. Which was a really good price. They…” more

            • Bar Hop

              (647) 352-7476

              391 King Street W

              Entertainment District

              “Cute little bar on king street. Stopped for a couple of drinks before dinner. Beer selection definitely did not disappoint! Tried an interesting cider they had…” more

            • Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor

              (647) 349-7297

              9 Church Street

              St. Lawrence

              • Opened 4 weeks ago

            • Sensorium

              525 King Street W

              “My 100th review, why not dedicate it to a fine dining experience I had an opportunity to try two weeks ago with a few yelpers? Stella Artios was the sponsor…” more

            • Classic Cafe & Lounge

              (905) 265-0007

              200 Marycroft Ave

            • Power Up Game Bar

              (647) 404-2937

              38 Wellington Street E

              St. Lawrence

              “LOVE THIS PLACE. Whether you're a gamer or not it's the perfect hidden gem to just have fun. You get the best of both worlds, drinking and gaming. You…”



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