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            Review Of The Day Archive for Toronto

            • Lambert P. wrote a review for Fat Ninja Bite

              4.0 star rating

              Fat Ninja Bite is located just south of the south east corner of Kennedy and Steeles.

              In a location that has countless Asian places to eat being that it's the border of north Scarborough and where Pacific Mall begins in Markham is a small, bar seating place called Fat Ninja Bite. Funny name sure but serious food however. This place basically makes what is known and turns it into something simple yet different and new. Katsu on rice is more typical and on the level of comfort food but if you want to try something just a bit different how about an entire pork or chicken cutlet on a burger bun?

              While it doesn't quite equal an entire pounded schnitzel place on a mini bun the meat served it substantial. I had the chicken katsu while my friend ordered the pork. The pork was twice the diameter of the bun easily. The chicken was more along the ways of how the burgers are at Wimpy's in that they're long enough that you could fold it and make it basically a double chicken katsu portion of meat.

              Not only are the servings larger than the bun but really they are also very good. I can't speak to the pork but the chicken was not dry in the least. The potion was hot, steamy, fresh and the breading was that right amount of crisp and quite honestly I can't say I've had a better katsu to date.

              I also ordered the croquettes on the side and they are a nice change of side as opposed to just rice or fries. I really liked this sandwich and while I didn't fold it I actually cut off the excess and ate them afterwards.

              The one knock if anything of this place has nothing to do with the food but the parking here. It's kind of hard to park in this strip mall only because there's not really that much room as far as a driveway to the place which is adjacent to the gas station. There's not much room to turn in so I ended up backing in as I usually prefer to park but still there's not much room to drive, two way traffic through this tight area.

            • Roseanne N. wrote a review for Chat Bar

              4.0 star rating

              Lately I've been wanting to eat Chinese BBQ skewers. When I found out that Chat Bar was opening a new location in North York, I knew I had to visit. When I went, it was only their soft opening (Cash Only).

              The restaurant interior was much bigger than what I expected. They have two floors which allows for greater dining space.

              When you're at Chat Bar, you must order the skewers. I ordered (+ rating):
              - Lamb (4/5)
              - Marbled Pork (2/5)
              - Chicken Cartilage (5/5)
              - Chicken Wings with Honey Sauce (4/5)
              - Gluten (4.5/5)
              The lamb skewers were nicely seasoned while the marbled pork just tasted very salty and dry. I highly recommend the chicken skewers. For both the cartilage and wings, seasoning was on point, giving it a nice sweet and savoury flavour. The gluten was very nice and chewy, and covered in a sweet and salty sauce.

              We also ordered the Charcoal Grilled Scallops, Cheese Corn, and Baked Clam with Garlic. The scallops were topped with bean thread noodle, herbs, and a savoury garlic sauce. It is not too salty and very delicious. Although the clams were super tiny, I loved the garlic sauce that came with it. The cheese corn was my favourite. It was creamy and sweet.

              The service here was phenomenal. The staff always asked us if we needed anything and food was brought out pretty fast.

            • Henry C. wrote a review for Johnny’s Shawarma

              5.0 star rating

              If you have a craving for shawarma, this is the place! The food is always freshly prepared, service is friendly and efficient, and they are certainly not cheap with the portions! I always say I'm going to try something different, but I end up ordering the mixed plate (beef and chicken) 2 for $21.99. It comes with hummus, rice and lentils, tabbouleh, potatoes, pickled vegetables and a grilled pita slathered with garlic paste. The meats are crispy and tender with the right amount of spice. I like lentils, so their version with rice is quite different and very flavorful. When Johnny isn't there, Andy takes care of us, but I have to say, all the staff are really fantastic. I must try their kabobs, falafel and samosas next time!

            • Ruby A. wrote a review for Sugar Peony Cake Boutique

              4.0 star rating

              For a special birthday, I wanted to order a stunning cake. I am a huge cake lover, and I have had my share of disappointments. I actually wanted to bake one, but my decorating skills are not that advanced! I was intrigued by the good reviews of Sugar Peony, and knowing chestnuts are a family favorite, I went with the 6" French Chestnut cake. I placed the order over the phone with Linda (48 hours is required) and she assured me it would be fresh.

              I purchased a Groupon for a 6" cake at $28.80 and redeemed it with no problems. It seems the majority of people use a Groupon to purchase the cakes or macarons. I personally could not see myself paying the regular price of $58 + tax, so it was a good deal.

              I arrived just when the boutique was opening at 12 noon and met with Linda. She explained how she used fresh chestnuts and I was quite surprised because the majority of cakes, even from high-end patisseries uses chestnut puree. Linda said the puree would make the cake too sweet, so I was excited to taste it!

              The cake was fresh, moist and decorated beautifully. We are not fans of super sweet desserts, so if you are looking for a cake that is very low on the sweetness scale, these types of cakes are perfect.

              While the chestnut flavor was not predominant, the caramel flavored Callebaut "crispearls" added a nice textural crunch.

              The other flavors of cakes may be interesting to try next time.

            • Esther O. wrote a review for Unboxed Market

              5.0 star rating

              Hospitality: check
              Beautiful and very well presented: check
              Price reasonable: check
              Well organized and clean: check

              Bring your jars, cloth bags, produce bags, and containers (make sure it's cleaned). And if you forgot to bring these, they got you! You can purchase your Mason jars, cloth bags and other zero-waste, and majority of their items are plastic free.

              This market shows that vegetables, meat, etc can still be fresh without wrapped in plastic. Hopefully other grocery stores.. *cough cough* you know who you are ;-)... can transition to this awesome lifestyle!

              I drove 40mins to get here, love it! Will come back again for sure. However, I recommend taking the bus here because parking ain't cheap and there isn't much parking space.

              Talk about love at first sight! :-D

            • Billy L. wrote a review for Phat Kaphrao

              5.0 star rating

              Calling all Thai lovers, this is a must try if you're in the North York area.

              This newly opened restaurant is a family run spot that serves up amazingly delicious 完美彩票计划聊天室 cooked Thai food. I came by to check out this place a few days after their grand opening and all I can say is wow. Chef joe, his fiancé Lisa, and chef Francis are super friendly who despite being super busy preparing take out orders, took the time to chat to get to know us better. Really mom and pop shop vibe as if you were going to their house for dinner. We left this 完美彩票计划聊天室y restaurant with our belly's so full.

              We ordered the street style beef pad Thai, chicken phat kaphrao, mango salad, and mango sticky rice. Everything we order was so good! I would strongly suggest the pad Thai. The flavour would be on par with Pai downtown. However, the beef was a bit chewy but still really good. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the flavour had a really nice balance between sweet and sour. Highly recommended.

              I've never had holy basil before and to be honest, had no idea what it was. Gave it a shot since the restaurant is named after this dish. Definitely did not disappoint at all. It's a rice stir fry with chicken and it added a nice texture and sauce to the rice. I would recommend this as well.

              If you're a fan of mango salad, this will knock your socks off. The fish sauce that chef joe uses in this was something that I never had anywhere else. I asked him what he used but he mentioned it was a house special. Check that out, super refreshing.

              The mango sticky rice was good, although some more mango would have been the cherry on top. The sticky rice had lots of coconut flavour and when mixed with the condensed milk. Unreal. Great way to end off the meal with some dessert.

              The Thai ice tea and coconut smoothie were so damn good as well. Coconut smoothie was very coconutty with little coconut chunks. The Thai ice tea was really tasty, not too sweet or overpowered by the Thai tea. Thai ice tea is currently 50% off as well, can't go wrong with that.

              Looking forward to trying the curries and also the Thai chicken wings the next time I visit (chef joe said this has been the most common besides the pad Thai and holy basil).

            • Vincent H. wrote a review for Cactus Club Cafe

              4.0 star rating

              Cool vibe and atmosphere. Not too bad for a higher end restaurant in the financial district.

              To start I tried the Truffle Fries. How fancy could fries be? It had truffle, herbs, grana padano, garlic aioli ... that's how fancy. I didn't want to insult them by asking for more ketchup.

              I tried the BBQ Duck Clubhouse. It was a western twist on peking duck and roasted chicken, with prosciutto di Modena on pecan fruit bread. The hoisin (I believe) sauce was a bit much - thick and salty.

              I also tried the Lobster + Prawn Tagliatelle Nero. It had Canadian lobster, prawns, pistachio green chili pesto, shishito peppers, squid ink tagliatelle. It was super healthy, but not enough lobster and prawn - think bits not pieces.

              The restaurant side was a lot quieter than the bar side. I wish they had music or the volume on the games going on. Nevertheless, very diverse and bold menu options, definitely worth coming back for.

            • Bill N. wrote a review for Silver Lychee Restaurant

              4.0 star rating

              Want some cheap dim sum, but live nowhere near Mississauga? This Scarborough resto might just be the place for you.

              One advantage this place has is that it's a new restaurant, so you won't feel like you're stuck in Galleria Mall's washrooms as you're eating, like you might feel at one of Mississauga's value dim sum places. It's not precisely elegant, but it is clean and modern looking. The restaurant isn't very big, more like your average pho restaurant.

              I found the dim sum generally good! Siu mai was nice, as were the crystal dumplings, and pretty much everything else. The taro dumplings weren't made to order though, so they weren't even hot. I wouldn't recommend them because of that. Maybe check the counter and see what dumplings are up there, cuz those are the premade ones. The sesame balls with salty egg yolks were great! Most places have salty egg yolk buns, but here they were mochi sesame balls, and they were a nice change.

              Service was friendly, but maybe a bit, uh, condescending, I guess? They were efficient and tried hard overall though.

              If you're interested, I posted a pic of my receipt, so you can know just how cheap the dim sum is here. Be sure to check this place out if you want some dim sum without breaking the bank!

            • Jonathan L. wrote a review for The Social Blend

              5.0 star rating

              Great ambience with good lighting, free wifi and plenty of seating space. Perfect spot midtown to do work or to socialize with friends, for the IG bloggers to get their basic photos . Also a great spot to enjoy the weather in the summer in their patio.

              The barista even took the time to explain the background of the drinks they carry. I went with a couple friends and got their Matcha latte, mocha, flat white, cappuccino, peach shaker (only place in town to get!!), strawberry banana smoothie, drip coffee and cream of earl grey tea. They also carry single origin drip coffee! I would highly recommend the cream of earl grey tea and any espresso based drinks.

              With not many coffee shops around the area, this place is a must visit!

            • Julie Y. wrote a review for Ramen Isshin

              5.0 star rating

              Oh my gosh, this is one of the best ramen joints in Toronto, definitely in my top two! I actually tried this twice, once their veggie ramen and once spicy miso.

              The veggie ramen wowed me, because generally veggie broths are not as savory compared to meat based broths. However, Isshin's veggie broth is so savory and rich, that it changed my view on veggie ramen completely!

              The next ramen I tried was spicy red miso. It's supposed to be one of their spicier ramen but I have high tolerance so it didn't feel that spicy. It was very savory and rich without feeling greasy.

              The only downside is that the location is not convenient for me. The shop is pretty small and very popular so it's crowded at dinner time. I waited about 30 min to get a table. I wish they opened more locations!!


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